About The Artist

So where to begin? Well how about with the inescapable truth that I cannot live without art. The earliest memories I have always had something to do with drawing. Of course my journey has not always been one where I am fully engaged in the artistic process. Like everyone else all of life's opportunities needed to be explored. The truth is though, even unconsciously, I always came back to the visual arts.

I am passionate about all aspects of art. Through college I was most interested in art history and museum work. For a while I believed this is what I wanted to do. In my first four years of college I had many museum  experiences, culminating with a summer internship at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. What an incredible experience! There was more art to absorb than anyone can dream of. Shortly after I graduated from college at the tender age of 21 and went home completely lost.

Several years past and I worked odd jobs, mostly as a morning baker at a bagel shop and ventured away from art. Not completely however. In 1998 I decided to change my life and went back to school to become an art educator. This experience took longer than I anticipated and resulted in my second bachelors degree in Art Education. At the same time I was reintroduced to the studio experience, mainly through ceramic art and once again I found myself centered and back where I belonged.

Since then I have been teaching full time, I got married and have been slowly finding my artistic voice. Drawing is at the root of what I do. Although I explore many other media, drawing is still primarily my mode of expression. All the art that I create and you see here is an extension of the drawing process. 

At this point in my life I am ready to explore sharing my art with the world. I feel that as an artist I am discovering my niche. My art has become a vehicle for my further intellectual pursuits. Exploring topics in science, philosophy, art history, food and many other things is a passion. That passion comes to life through my art. Some say I am overly opinionated. I say I just love life and all this world has to offer.
I hope you enjoy the artwork.


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