Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Universe And Trump

Pen And Ink Fine Art By Doug Ashby
I have always been a bit of a science geek. Early on I was obsessed with watching, and reading, Carl Sagan's Cosmos. It simply is fascinating. As I got older a dear friend, who is a bit of a scientist, was always willing to indulge my curiosity and share his knowledge. Today that interest manifest itself in the consumption of many audio books about science. These are more global perspectives, as clearly my chief love in the world of brain growth lies in the humanities, nevertheless the learning continues. It was while listening to one such book, I listen when I draw, that this piece was conceived and rendered.

However while doing it I kept thinking how the universe in many ways is like Donald Trump. More accurately how he is like the universe. Trump is an ever expanding ego force in our world. I have known of him since I was a boy, and now nearly thirty years later he continues to dominates our media and our consciousness more then ever.

Science has come to understand in the last hundred years that our universe is expanding. For a time it was speculated that it would at some point contract under its own gravity. The anti Big Bang if you will. However recent inquiries and research has shown that is unlikely. The universe will continue to expand indefinitely and one day will be a cold, and nearly dead place.

Trump seems to have no bounds within his own expansion. It is very perplexing given the inordinate amount of stuff he comes up with that should slow it down. For reasons unknown, he doesn't stop expanding. This is also similar to the universe as science has barely scratched the surface as to why the universe is expanding. There must be an energy that is driving it ever outward, but as of yet we have been incapable of grasping this. Speculation lies in the realm of dark energy. If this is true the universe would be abundant with this dark energy. Research and experiment is underway attempting to detect it, but to this point this has not happened.

One could simply say that Trump's energy is the fact that America is ripe for a demogogue. And many have made references to historical moments when such people have seized power. Hitler being the prime example. But this is not Germany in the 1930's. This is America where we have seen nearly two hundred and forty years of a peaceful transfer of power with no significant repercussions. In all of history that is truly unprecedented. So what is it about this moment that is driving so many to follow a man who seems to defy all norms of decency. What is it that is allowing them to be caught up in Trumps ever expanding narcissism?

And more frightening, what further dark energy might we discover as this demagogue continues to expand. Perhaps a reckoning is coming. Perhaps Trump will experience a Big Crunch as was once thought our universe will endure. Or maybe he will expand indefinitely and simply fade as his energy weakens from over reach. Time will tell. However we do not have billions of years as the universe does. The urgency is now.

I hope you enjoy the art and thoughts.


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  1. Well said and with much though. I grew up wondering why the people of Germany so blindly followed Hitler into a world of hate and destruction but sadly, now I think I understand because of Donald Trump!