Tuesday, February 16, 2016

An Ethical Dilemma

Pen & Ink Illustration By Doug Ashby
Firstly, sorry for being gone so long. Life simply has been busy. However recent improvements in technology should help a bit.

This image has caused a bit of confusion for those who have seen it. Often people do not know what to make of the left side. When I inform them that it is a human embryo at day 9 after conception they simply go, Oh. I think they wonder what would compel me to illustrate such a thing.

The idea came from a serious of books I listened to about how science is ever improving our lives and making the whole world generally a better place to live. I know that is a bitter pill for many to swallow, for varied reasons. Some simply watch to much news and can not believe the world is a better place then it ever has been to live. I do agree there is much work to be done. Many see the embryo as a battle line in an moral war. One that I believe is being wrongly fought at the expense of advances that could have profound implication for all of humanity.

I wish the world we lived in was one where all human life conceived lived an ideal existence and that all had an opportunity for success. However that is overly ideal and the reality is many are born into situations that are anything but conducive to well being. Some choose, I believe wisely, to abort their pregnancies and spare the person a life that begins moving against terrible odds. The truth is those aborted fetuses could posses the requisite material we need to solve some of our most vexing medical issues and provide those alive with much less misery.

That again is a hard pill to swallow. But if any of you have seen the devastation that demntia brings to those living with it, and around it, you might want to see what scientist can accomplish to treat it with those embryo's. And that is just one possibility in many. The ethical debate on this matter, that has prevented so much movement in this country towards such research, should be debated more openly and politicians should not fear an ignorant electorate when the potential is so great. Other nations will not have these dilemmas and could potentially reap the benefits of such advances first. Then we will buy it from them. That is also economically unsound for our future.

There is so much to this debate, on many fronts. Ignorance must be combatted with the same fierceness, and hopes in educating, that the ignorant bring to the table. That is difficult however for the pragmatic type. 

I hope you enjoy the art and thoughts.


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  1. Well written and expressed thoughts on a subject that's almost impossible to have a rational discussion about. Your art and who you have become have made me very proud.