Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Difficulty Of Change And Acceptence

Doug Ashby Pen & Ink Drawing
What is the noblest of all human endeavors,
What in the end manifests our future,
What then is the outcome of our actions?

Should we be committed to a path no matter,
Should we swear allegiance at all cost to a higher purpose,
Should we accept ideas that challenge beliefs?

If we do then will our life have purpose,
If we do then will we find content and harmony,
If we do then will progress be a closed door.

For what if progress challenges our notions,
For what if our nature demands us to adapt,
For what if a purpose is really an adaptation?

What then is the noblest of all human endeavors,
What then becomes of manifestation,
What actions then challenge us to rethink our outcomes.

There is great difficulty in change, and it can be incredibly hard to accept challenges to our dogma. 

However they are inevitable. 

Perhaps acceptance of change then is the noblest endeavor.

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