Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Three Little Floating World ACEO's

Pen And Ink Fine Art By Doug Ashby
This new world was indeed a strange place. A seemingly physical contradiction. It simply shattered our notion of physics and the universe. For how could a planet be so apparently hospitable to our needs and at the same time so baffling.

When we first arrived we were not sure exactly what it was floating all over the atmosphere. So we decided to get a closer look and what we found will forever change us. It is the reason we call this new world "the floating world." Our best guess is that something in the worlds relationship with the host planet and the other orbiting worlds is causing large swaths of ground to break off and float away. Yet these chunks do not die. No in fact they thrive.

Our first outpost is on one of the larger pieces. We felt it would be safer here, before we see what is below. In many ways I don't want to leave because the beauty of this place is breathtaking. However that is not our nature, nor our mission, and soon we will be moving on once again.

I like to write little tiny fictions about the work I do. For me it adds a little more mystery to the art
Pen & Ink Fine Art By Doug Ashby
itself. Something a little bit further to contemplate. These three ACEO's artworks are part of my larger floating world series. Inspired by both my love of science fiction and what extra terrestrial worlds might be like, and the Ukiyo-e, or floating world art, of 18th and 19th century Japan. An homage if you will to that which attracts me artistically.

All three are going to be posted on etsy today and are for sale. They are $40.00 each. Not bad for original art. If you are interested in purchasing them please visit my shop. You need not have an etsy account to make a purchase and all major credit cards are accepted.

Pen & Ink Fine Art By Doug Ashby
If you have any questions and or simply wish to inquire about the three pieces you see here do not hesitate to contact me directly at I welcome any and all feedback.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the art,


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Inspiration From Strange Sources

Pen & Ink Fine Art By Doug Ashby
If you are an artist then you know that inspiration can creep up on you at the strangest moments. I don't believe I am consciously always on the lookout for my next idea, but in many ways I think my eyes, and mind, are open in different ways that makes finding inspiration possible. For this piece, and others in the same series, the inspiration came from a place I am at everyday. A place that is so routine one could be there in their sleep......that's used as a figure of speech.

This abstract artwork came to me in the shower. That's right, the shower. I know....I know. Not the most likely spot to launch a series of artworks. However one day I happened to see something, that I had seen many times before, just in a new light. It was my wife's hair. Now don't get too grossed out. I have to tell you my wife has a gorgeous mane of thick, long and curly red hair. And she sheds a lot. However she is really good at cleaning up after herself. Sometimes though, as life with little kids and full time jobs is busy, she leaves some behind. Always though she gathers up the strands and puts the on the edge to throw away later.

Now this particular clump was forming, as strange as this sounds, perfect circles built around the flowing strands. Very similar to the artwork you see here. I stared at this amazing collection of hair for a time and then took a pic of it after. Needless to say it served as the basis for a series of abstracts I have been working on. Perhaps this story is too much information, however I felt it need to be told.

The artwork seen here is an ACEO. If you are not familiar with that acronym it stands for Art Card Edition or Original. This one is an original artwork. ACEO's are small coming in only at 2.5" x 3.5". They are designed to be collectibles. I have seen whole albums of these that art lovers collect. They are affordable and fun.

This one is for sale on my etsy page. It is a mere $40.00. Not bad for an original, archival, piece of fine art. If you would like to see more then check it out!

As always I hope you enjoy the art.