Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pen & Ink Fine Art By Doug Ashby
While a great deal of my work deals in abstraction, specifically abstracting nature, there are times when I deal in a more pure form of it. Working simply with shapes that contrast one another, or lines that interweave a piece into a more complete whole.

This piece is one such artwork. It is nothing more then a play on contrasting geometric shapes and the use of line to bring it all together. It is part of a larger group of work I call my "Geo Abstract Series."

Truthfully I am not absolutely sure of where the inspiration for this series comes from. In addition to being an artist I am also an art teacher. Perhaps it sprung out of lessons I do based on the elements and principles of design. Specifically shape, contrast and movement. Perhaps it emerged out of my incessant need to put circular objects in so much of my work? I can't be sure but I do find the work interesting.

And of course I hope you do as well. The original drawing is for sale on my etsy page. If you are interested in purchasing it simply click here. You do not need an account to purchase the art and all major credit cards are accepted.



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