Sunday, August 3, 2014

Inspiration From My Childhood

Pen & Ink Drawing By Doug Ashby
When I was a boy my parents liked to take us on long road trips for many weeks. At the time I really did not enjoy it. I mean come on, imagine being twelve and trapped in the back of the car with your older sister for hours on end. Yup, not fun. However I have to say that years later I know I am better for all the experiences they gave us. And in the end I do it to my kids as well.

On those long road trips, remember this was way before the iPhone, I was often looking for something to occupy my time. One of the most enjoyable things to do I found was looking at all the maps we brought along. And if you didn't guess this was also before GPS. There was something so interesting about the maps. Of course I enjoyed plotting where we were and how long to go before we arrived at our destination, however I now know there was something even more intriguing to me about those maps.

Humans are interesting creatures. One of the more fascinating things is to see how we divide up our land. Boundaries on maps take on unique shapes that continually amaze and inspire me. Combine this with natural formations and maps, for me at least, provide a never ending and pleasurable viewing experience. This drawing here is one in a series of three I did inspired by maps.

Specifically I was looking at city planning maps. This arena really can shine in interesting, human created, shapes and spaces. They also can be very boring if the only plan was a grid. In the end I didn't want it to look exactly like a map but an abstract that caught the eye and kept your attention. Maybe it just makes you wonder where the inspiration came from. Maybe you like the simplicity in the use of shape and line, maybe you even figure it all out.

In the end I simply hope you like the drawing. I would love to hear from you if you do so do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Thanks, Doug.

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