Monday, July 7, 2014

My Latest Endeavor

So I was not even sure if I should upload this. Truthfully it's a bit lame. However, I will say it was my very first attempt ever at doing such a thing so I am going to share it anyway. 

About a year ago I started to play the guitar again. Not that much really as life was very busy at the time. It had been nearly twenty years since I had played and even back then I had no clue what I was doing. Still the itch to try again was strong so I bought a good, but not expensive, acoustic. It was a lot of fun. At that time though, as I said, we were very busy as we were fostering a little boy and if you have kids you know what I mean.

Sadly this little man, after 16 month's, left us. It tore a hole in my family's heart. In the aftermath I decided to step up my music game a bit and I bought an electric. A really nice one. And I started taking lessons. Not long after, just a few weeks back, I decided I also wanted a piano. You see I dabbled a bit in that as well a lifetime ago. So I bought a pretty good electric one. I also bought a mike to record. This song here is my first effort at writing and recording.

While it is only two tracks I do plan on expanding it a bit. However I have much to learn. As I said before it is a bit lame at this point, but what the hell.

So have a listen and know......I am just getting started. Oh and if you couldn't figure it out the song is about that little man that brought us so much.

Thanks, Doug.

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