Sunday, March 9, 2014

Shine Right Through 1

Pen & Ink Fine Art By Doug Ashby
As the time went by I began to feel it.
At first it was not brilliant, just a tiny spark.
The path then was very one way.
One way, but absorbed in a manner I did not comprehend.

As time went by you became more capable of letting us know.
Each day that passed witnessed an unyielding push forward.
As each day passed you began to shine the light back to us.
And I began to feel what I had given freely.

As time gets closer to a resolution the path is two way.
For I know that it is meant to be this way.
That our light, our love, needs to shine on you,
As well as your light shines right through me.

The title of this artwork is derived from a song I first heard while watching a movie with my wife. The not so great movie was "Admission", the song however is called 'Shine Right Through" by Correatown. Almost instantly I had a strong feeling about what this song was about. Or more accurately what it meant to me. This feeling helped me to understand more fully a difficult, and at this time, ongoing situation in my life. I say difficult, however, at the same time this situation is also bringing much joy and educating me about this world, this life, and myself, in ways I never considered.

This artwork is the first of three I am planning. At this point I do not wish to say more about it. I want to let the next little bit unfold.

If you like the artwork and words I wrote about it then do stay tuned for the next two drawings. There is more to come from this path.

Thanks, Doug.

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