Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Peace Of Mind Is Found In Many Way

Pen & Ink Fine Art By Doug Ashby
The smell of the ginkgo leaves were nearly as intoxicating as was the sight of the setting suns. Just the idea of that notion is fantastic, for in short order we have made this foreign place, this desolate world, a replica of one that once lived. That world is nearly forgotten now and those who truly never knew it are awe struck buy how rapidly this world is changing. Will we do the same here that we did before. Will the technology that is about to be released on all of humanity simply give us an attitude of do with this life as we please. Or will a new sense of respect come. And if we truly can make any world we see for us, how far might humanity go.

Everyday I feel more confident that there is less threat from those who would use our technology, my creation, for harm. What is the point when we can just move on and create a new life......a new reality. What would we have left to fight for. For now anyway this threat seems to be slipping away as our attention is turned outward. 

For me I plan to stay here and help steward this new world, the first of it's kind, forward. To protect it from the greed that destroyed our original home. In time humanity may come to regard no world as home. Simply maybe it will be just the universe. That, to my sense of morality, seems cold. However, I am a product of a by-gone era. One where we had a place. A place in time and space. This idea will be a difficult to hold true as the years go by, for why would anyone feel one place is home when there are so many potential ones to be created.

I originally created this drawing at the request of my mother who wanted to me to draw some ginkgo leaves. Two posts ago I showed you the stippled version. She had collected a few when her and my father were vacationing in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. She kept them pressed in a book and when I was visiting my parents recently she pulled them out and I set out to do what I do. I hope she likes the drawing.

The story above is one that I have been thinking, and writing about for some time now. It was born out of my explorations with the Japanese Ukiyo-e, or floating world, genre of art. It also of course hearkens back to my love of science fiction.

I hope you do like the art and words. I would love to hear your thoughts on it all so do get in touch.

Thanks, Doug.

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