Thursday, December 26, 2013

In The End It Is Not That Tricky

I admit I fall prey to this just as much as anyone else. However, it all made complete sense to me one day while listening to a physics lecture from Columbia University on complex biological machines. In truth this epiphany did not hit me right away, it came a little later while I was listening to a friend describe her crazy new diet. This diet had almost nothing to do with real food. And that was the moment it dawned on me. We are complex biological machines that must consume complex biological machines to live and the closer our food was to the source of that life the healthier we would be.

This is so simple it makes our complex nutritional world seem absurd. Certainly the masters of the food
industry do not want us to think this way as it would jeopardize their control on peddling us food that makes certain health claims or sells a specific nutrient. Rather you see food is not about its constituent parts but what those parts are assembled in say kale, or pork, or a pepper. In short I realized that whole food is all we have to eat for it's life force, it's complex biological machinery, is what nurtures us and keeps us healthy. I believe that to be healthy we simply need to exercise, sleep and moderately eat food in its pure form. That which it grew into. Whether that be out of the ground or after being born. Again simply eat real food.

Now I know it is a bit more complex then that and within those boundaries we also need to make considerations. For example meat is not bad for you, but plants might be more important to eat. Also it is a
fact that eating less of everything is a good idea. However, eating less processed food is not as good as eating none at all. That's because the processing moves the food far away from what it truly is, a complex biological machine.

Amazing isn't it...if you think about it. The idea that a complex biological machine must consume complex biological machines to live is simple. It is far less complex then deciding what diet, paleo, south beach, atkins that you should eat, or what cleanse you should do, or what nutrient is best to eat up. No instead eat a variety of the good stuff our planet has given us. After all we are part of the system and eating from that system is what we are meant to do.

I hope you enjoy the art and the thoughts.

Thanks, Doug.

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