Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Feeding The Creative Soul

Pen & Ink Fine Art By Doug Ashby
Nothing other then the sun itself could illuminate so well. Nothing, not even the sun, inspires such. Nothing, other then the moon, brings such a profound sense of calm, and mystery. Nothing, other then the moon, shrouds itself in a weird and wonderful dichotomy deep within our collective conscience. 

 For nothing other then the moon feeds the artist imagination. A timeless and enduring muse that renders itself available only at it's own will. While the scientist can tell you in great detail when and where the it will be. What it will look like. This only detracts from its precious omnipotence over our psyche. 

For nothing like the moon, not even the sun, has so much to feed the creative soul. 

Typically I am not one that defies the logical. I find that to be difficult. However there is something about the moon that has always intrigued me. This is why you see so many shapes in my drawings reminiscence of it. A while back a good friend suggested I go for a more realistic look and feel to the moon. This is my first attempt at that. I am not sure if it steals an essential quality, robs the imagination of all the possibilities those moons in my work might be. However this is simply a look at what our moon looks like. I believe the sky is wide open for what other moons, orbiting other planets, might look like in their night skies. This sounds like a fun avenue to explore.

Currently I am working on a ball point pen drawing that does have my signature, more then one moon, and yet attempts to render a more realistic look. I look forward to working on that in a moment and to sharing it with you. I also plan to do this drawing you see here with the stipple technique. That also will come soon.

I hope you like the art. Please feel free to let me now what you think.

Thanks, Doug.

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