Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Darkness Is Now Our Friend

Scratch Illustration By Doug Ashby
The darkness of the evening was encompassing.
Almost nothing, not even the night queen could penetrate.
The darkness is now our ally.

For in the darkness we come alive.
Finding our voice.
Finding our solace.
Finding our freedom.

We created this world to suit us.
We created this world to the best of our ability.
We didn't create this world to transform.
We didn't create this night to hide.
This darkness is not why we choose.

For darkness has become a welcome respite.
For darkness is now our friend.

This image was one of the first I ever created using the many moons motif. I have since lost the original sketch, but to the right you can see the original stipple illustration. When I created this image many years
Pen & Ink Fine Art By Doug Ashby
ago I was adding splashes of color to my stipple work. I have since stopped that and now do so in my sketching and paintings. However nothing is truly ever done.

The top picture is a scan of a scratch board illustration I did of the original sketch. Scratch Illustration is a medium I have been delving into lately and I am enjoying quite a bit. I am taking baby steps of course in this new realm, and do expect to see my style to change overtime. For now though I am enjoying employing the cross hatch technique. It seems to be a natural extension from my ball point pen work.

The original scratch illustration is available for purchase. It is done on a professional Ampersand board, which is rated museum quality. The costs is $100.00. Prints of both images are also available. If you have interest in purchasing any of these products do not hesitate to contact me directly at The pixilation you see in the scratch board image is nothing more then the product of creating a jpg from the original scan and is not on the board itself or the tiff file I use to make the prints.

I hope you enjoy the art and creative musings.

Thanks, Doug.

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