Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mystery And Serenity Revealed

Pen & Ink Fine Art By Dreamscape Arts
As the days went by the world started to take on new forms. Ones that she had not witnessed in the time since the transition. The growth she was experiencing was unprecedented, and more then she could have imagined. It would take time indeed to sort through all she was experiencing. 

While it was difficult not to try and analyze the permutation, to not think logically and begin sifting through all the new data, she also understood that this moment was fleeting. If she slowed down though she worried someone else would take the lead. However, what was pulling inside was to simply be in this moment. To exist in the new reality forming all around her. This moment in time would never come again. Knowing this to be intimately true she decided to simply be. To be one with the evolution as it unfolded.

Perhaps someday I will comb through these small bits of fictional writing I am laying down in this and similar posts and write a larger story. I feel the seed is good even if you the reader has no idea what I am thinking about. I admit I am being deliberately misleading, however if you know anything about my reading pleasures then perhaps you can figure it out. Needless to say at this moment I am having fun writing these small blips.

I think there is at least one more artwork in this series. At the moment I have something else in the works though and need to see that through. I am looking to expand the material base a bit. Anyway I hope you enjoy the writing and the art.

-Dreamscape Arts

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